Bleaching Trays

Clear. Tight-fitting. Bleach-retaining.

The clarity and fit of our bleaching splints is unsurpassed.

Your patient is able to see exactly where the bleach is dispersed inside the reservoirs whilst the perfect tight fit ensures no bleach escapes. Poor fitting bleaching trays can often cause discomfort and discolouration of the oral tissues.

The material we use for our bleaching trays contains anti-bacterial properties to prevent discolouration over a period of time.

We can make your bleaching trays to your exact requirements with or without reservoirs.

Fabrication time: 2 days

Bleaching Trays

We also develop, produce and distribute Tru-Tain Retainers, Bonded Retainers, Locating devices for bonded retainers, V-Loop Bonded Retainers, Indirect Bonding Trays, Twin Blocks, Upper or Lower Hawley Retainers, Soft Bite Raising Appliances, Nance, Lingual/Palatal Arches, Quad Helix, URA/LRA, URA/LRA Repairs, NHS Study Models, Additions of tooth to URA/LRA, URA/LRA Screws, Buccal Tubes, RME, Clear aligners, Gum shields, Gloss, pure white study models, Retainer boxes, and much more.

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