Orthodontic Products

Our core business is the development, production and distribution of very high-quality, very affordable Orthodontic appliances.

We offer Tru-Tain Retainers, Bonded Retainers, Locating devices for bonded retainers, V-Loop Bonded Retainers, Indirect Bonding Trays, Whitening Trays, Twin Blocks, Upper or Lower Hawley Retainers, Soft Bite Raising Appliances, Nance, Lingual/Palatal Arches, Quad Helix, URA/LRA, URA/LRA Repairs, NHS Study Models, Additions of tooth to URA/LRA, URA/LRA Screws, Buccal Tubes, RME, Clear aligners, Gum shields, Gloss, pure white study models, Retainer boxes and much more.

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See below for details of some of the more popular Orthodontic products and services we supply.

Digital Study Models

Safe. Secure. Less storage space required.

With our state-of-the-art onsite, 3D Digital Scanner, we can now convert your plaster study models to 3D Digital Study Models.

Read more about our Digital Study Models

Thermadent Orthodontic Digital Scanner
Tru-Tain Retainer

Indirect Bonding Trays

Accurate. Efficient. Less chair time.

We place the brackets on the patient's stone model rather than you bonding them directly on the teeth. This prevents you having to work entirely in your patients mouth.

Read more about our Indirect Bonding Trays

Tru-Tain Retainers

Strong. Durable. Aesthetic.

The material we use for our Tru-Tain retainers is chosen for its combination of strength, durability and clarity.

Read more about our Tru-Tain Retainers

Tru-Tain Retainer

Essix® PLUS™ Retainers

Plastic made perfect

We make our Essix® PLUS™ Retainers from a layer of clear hard Essix laminate material.

We recommend Essix materials because the retainers are great at resisting stains, they last longer, and are a lot clearer than some other materials.

Read more about our Essix® PLUS™ Retainers

Essix Plus Retainer

Hawley Retainers

The time-and-tested choice

We have numerous clasping, labial bow and acrylic options, allowing your Hawley Retainers to be crafted precisely to the needs of your patient.

Read more about our Hawley Retainers

Hawley Retainer

Bonded Retainers

Made with Wildcat® Twistflex

We make all our bonded retainers using 0.0175 inch Wildcat® Twistflex wire. This is the best material available due to its flexiblility and tensile strength.

Read more about our Bonded Retainers

Bonded Retainer

Orthodontic Study Models

Examination standard sets also available

We can trim the height of the models so you can fit three sets into your orthodontic storage boxes.

We can also provide you with glossy examination standard Private Study Models.

Read more about our Orthodontic Study Models

Orthodontic Study Model

Twin Blocks

Comfortable. Aesthetic.

Dr. William Clark's Twin Block appliance is one of the most popular functional appliances for Class II, division 1 malocclusion treatment.

We can customise your Twin Blocks to include expansion screws, springs, and E.O.T tubes.

Read more about our Twin Blocks

Twin Blocks

Bleaching Trays

Clear. Tight-fitting. Bleach-retaining.

The clarity and fit of our bleaching splints is unsurpassed.

Your patient is able to see exactly where the bleach is dispersed inside the reservoirs whilst the perfect tight fit ensures no bleach escapes.

Read more about our Bleaching Trays

Bleaching Trays

Gum Shields

Our gumshields are well adapted and don’t thin out around the labial area, giving maximum protection.

If you provide us with the lower impression we can articulate the models to place the indentations of the lower occlusal surface into the gumshield, making it far more comfortable for the wearer.

Read more about our Gum Shields

Gum Shield

"The quality of their service and products is the reason we have chosen them over other labs."

Laurence Masters

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