Below you'll find two handy downloads — our lab ticket and our postal label. You can print them out to use with your applicance order, should you run out of either.

If you've ran out or you find yourself getting low, just contact us and we'll get you stocked up again.

You'll also find the OrthoViewer download, along with installation instructions and two sample 3d Digital Study Model files for you to download.

Lab Ticket

We provide all our customers with books of laboratory tickets.

If you've run out, just click on the lab ticket image to the right to open our lab ticket as a PDF document. Then, simply print it out to use with your appliance order.

Thermadent Orthodontic Laboratory Ticket

Postal Label

We also provide First Class business postal labels to our postal customers.

Again, if you're run out, just click on the postal label image to the left. Then print it out to use with your appliance order.

Thermadent Orthodontic Postal Label


Our customers use 3Shape's OrthoViewer to view the digital study models that our 3Shape scanners produce.

Here's a short animation of OrthoViewer in action.


Downloading & Installing OrthoViewer

Download OrthoViewer for Windows

Once you've downloaded OrthoViewer, click on the downloaded file.

The OrthoViewer Installer will launch.

Click "Next".

Orthoviewer download screen 1

Select all of file type options.

This part tells simply Windows which file types to use OrthoViewer for.

Click "Next".

Orthoviewer download screen 2

Click "Finish" to finalise your OrthoViewer installation.

Orthoviewer download screen 3

Using OrthoViewer

Below are two sample 3d digital study model files — one file for the maxillary and one for the mandibular.

Right-click on each file, save them to your desktop, then double-click either one of the files to open. OrthoViewer will open the two models together as a complete 3d study model.

Download Maxillary STL file

Download Mandibular STL file


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