Clear Aligners
by ClearBrace™

ClearBrace™ provide dental professionals with beautifully precise , competitively priced clears aligners within an easy-to-use, fully digital clear aligner service.

We use the very latest 3Shape™ scanners and up to 28 microns 3D printers...

...along with 3Shape™ software to precisely align the teeth and to add attachments, if needed.

We also use 3Shape™ Communicate, enabling you to show your patient what the post-treatment results will look like on your iPad or your computer.

The Benefits of
ClearBrace™ Clear Aligners

As well as free postage, full collaboration on a case-by-case basis, and speedy production and delivery, you'll also enjoy more benefits when you use ClearBrace™.

We Only Use 3Shape™ Hardware & Software

3Shape™ scanners produce incredibly high quality and precise scans of your impressions. This precision is essential in providing your patient with the required results.

No Contract Lock-In

Some clear aligner producers will insist on you signing a contract before you can use their services. Some will even ask you to agree to cancellation fees. We'll never ask you to sign a contract; and we'll never require you to commit to us in any way.

Simply send us your impressions or your scans as and when you need.

Fast Turnaround

You will receive your ClearBrace™ clear aligners within five working days, once we have received your impressions (or your scans from your intraoral scanner).

Full Patient Instructions Included

Inside every box of ClearBrace™ clear aligners is a full instruction booklet. Your patient will refer to this to understand how clear aligners work and how they need to use them.

Clearly Labelled Aligners

Every ClearBrace™ clear aligner is clearly labelled to ensure your patient always knows which aligner to use at the correct time.

How To Get ClearBrace™
Clear Aligners

Getting ClearBrace™ aligners is a simple four-step process.

1. Send Your Impressions/Scans

Send us your impressions using our free postage label and lab ticket.

Alternatively, you can send us your intraoral scans through 3Shape Communicate.

2. Virtual

This is the part of the process where we use digital imaging software to align the teeth. We also add various attachments, if needed.

You will be then able to view the virtual setup in your 3Shape Communicate account.

3. Treatment

3Shape Communicate enables us to collaborate on the finer details of the case. You can request changes and comment on the treatment.

4. Aligner

As soon as you've agreed on the proposed treatment, we will then go ahead and produce your ClearBrace™ aligners.

Your aligners will then be with you within five working days.

What Your Patient Receives

Your patient will receive a branded ClearBrace™ box with full instructions, clearly-labelled aligners, and a retainer box.

What You Receive

You will receive the 3D printed models, a printed analysis report, and attachment splints.

3D Printed Models

You will receive individually labelled 3D Printed models for each stage of treatment. This is so we can replace an aligner as soon as possible in the case of loss or breakage.

Analysis Report

A printed analysis report charts the movement of each individual tooth through the course of the treatment. The report shows you if IPR is needed.

Attachment Splints

You will receive attachment splints, if required.

ClearBrace™ Clear Aligner Pricing

Our prices, coupled with our use of only top-of-the-range hardware, software and materials, make us surely the best value clear aligners available in the UK.

Case Assessment / 3D Printed Report

* Fee charged only if treatment is not commissioned

£50 *
3D Clear Aligner (price per aligner) £45

Get ClearBrace™

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